Delaware Phoenix Distillery

Water Pitchers by Jesse Spaeth, Rivendell Pottery, Downsville, New York

These pitchers are specifically designed for use with absinthe. The ritual of pouring water into a glass of absinthe can be achieved in many ways. These pitchers are used to provide a fairly small stream of water, and allows you to control the flow. You can stop when you wish. It's really quite easy! These pitchers don't produce quite as small a stream of water as an absinthe fountain, but they do quite well. They are functional as well as decorative and each one is hand made by a skilled artist just like Delaware Phoenix absinthe.

The small pitchers are about 5-6" tall and 3" wide. They hold about 400-500 ml of water (about 2 cups) without any ice. The large pitchers are about 7" tall and 4.5-5" wide and hold about 1.5 liters of water without ice.

Ordering Information

The small pitchers are $20 and the large pitchers are $35. Shipping is $6 within the continental US. To order, can email me or using that email, make a payment through PayPal. I'd recommend that you contact me first, to make sure the pitcher you want is available. All the money goes to Jesse, the potter, except for the shipping costs which goes to USPS. I make no money on this deal and I'm doing it because I think it's great to support a local artist and I like the pitchers quite well. Plus I get a little bit of free advertising.

Pitchers (Batch 1)

An overall picture of the pitchers. Say that 5 times fast! There are five of the blue glaze small pitchers, three of the green glaze small pitchers, and three of the cream glaze small pitchers. In the large pitchers, there is one each of the green and cream glazes, and one in an earthy blue.

Some detail showing the glazing and lettering.

Another detail of the lettering.

Small vs Large pitchers.

Small Pitchers ($20)

The only small pitchers now available are #2, 5, 9.

Pitcher 2 (blue glaze) (#1 SOLD)
Pitchers 3 & 4 (SOLD)
Pitchers 5 & 6 (blue glaze, green glaze) (#6 SOLD)
Pitchers 7 & 8 (SOLD)
Pitchers 9 & 10 (cream glaze) (#10 SOLD)
Pitcher 11 (cream glaze) (SOLD)

Large Pitchers ($35)

Pitcher 12 (green glaze) (SOLD)
Pitcher 13 (earthy blue glaze)
Pitcher 14 (cream glaze)